Greek Aesthetic Forests

In Greece, 19 woodland areas have been declared “Aesthetic Forests” (between 1973 and 1980)

Greek Aesthetic Forests (in more details)

Aesthetic Forest Official Area
Palm Forest of Váï 20 170/Α/1973
Kaisariani forest 640 31/Α/1974
Tempi valley forest 1,762 31/ΤΑ/1974
Forest of Agios Georgios-Karaïskaki in Karditsa 252 31/ΤΑ/1974
Pine forest of Xylokastro 27.5 31/ΤΑ/1974
Suburban forest of Ioannina 86 306/ΤΑ/1976
Forests of Torrents of Selemnos & Charandros 1,850 31/ΤΑ/1974
Forest of Farsala 34.5 103/Δ/1977
Forest of Steni-Euboea 674 108/Δ/1977
Oak forest of Moggostos-Corinth 520 175/Δ/1977
Forest complex of Ossa 16,900 175/Δ/1977, 160/Α/1985
Seaside forest of Nikopolis-Mitikas 66 183/Δ/1977
Forests of Skiathos island 3,000 248/Δ/1977
Nestos river straits 2,380 283/Δ/1977
Forest of Nat. Independence of of Kalavryta 1,750 404/Δ/1977
Suburban Forest of Tithorea 200 125/Δ/1979
Forests of Amygdaleon-Kavala 2,216 606/Δ/1979
Forest of castle of Trikala & AïLias 28 609/Δ/1979
Oak forest of Kouri-Almyros in Magnesia 100 99/Α/1980


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